These artists appeared at Festival 2017

Kerryn Fields - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2017 - in Katoomba!

Kerryn Fields

A few years ago Kerryn Fields met Paul Kelly when he was walking home from rehearsal swinging his guitar back and forth. It was Sunday afternoon, and they got to talking (Fields quietly going a tad bananas). It was his song, co-written with Kev Carmody ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ that convinced her to move out of a dodgy haunted house in New Zealand, sell her kombi van and buy a one-way ticket to Melbourne.

The rest is history. Playing alongside some of Australians favourite indie artists, including Liz Stringer, Suzannah Espie, Mojo Juju and Marlon Williams, Fields has spent the last three years independently touring Australia and New Zealand. Joining her now is her band The Dudettes, accentuating Fields’ punchy lyrics and razor sharp wit.

Rascal was recorded over two years in bungalows, bedrooms and studios in Melbourne, delving into the bold process of leaving your life behind for the unknown and finding direction. Fields’ huge personality and striking voice meld perfectly with her alt-country and roots stylings. Laced with rockabilly and soul, every song tells a story each with a journey of its own. 

A performance from the charismatic Fields will expose those nerves that need airing, as she takes on the heavy lifting of diving into the human condition and exploring it thoroughly. 

The album features Ben Franz (The Waifs) on pedal steel, Cat Leahy (Sal Kimber & The Rolling Wheel, This Way North) on drums, and a host of local talent that embody Fields’ love of country and roots.