These artists appeared at Festival 2017

Bustamento - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2017 - in Katoomba!


Nicky Bomba has once again rallied his musical cohorts and produced a fresh sounding album that lifts off beautifully from their last highly acclaimed excursion.

After spending the last two years performing around the globe, Bustamento has returned with a great collection of songs capturing the international flavour of their intrepid travels. An exciting departure from the Caribbean based style of their ARIA nominated first album Intrepid Adventures to the Lost Riddim Islands—the new release shows the band flexing its creative muscle.

Intercontinental Journal 7 kicks off with effervescent immediately catapulting this musical mission on a round the world adventure of fun and games. Reggae and Calypso roots; Motown base with a Calypso feel; classic syncopated jungle; New Orleans swamp boogie. The songs intertwine effortlessly and show the vast array of ideas in Bustamento’s multicultural kitchen—Mediterranean Blue with a Burgundy Fez, tilted just enough to know there's a hybrid in the house. Byron Bay Boogaloo meets African horn snappin' goodness. Glastonbury mud shuffles with a New Orleans blood transfusion. Jamaican Reggae Bootysway with a hot Trinidadian Sauce. Mexican love songs sprinkled with Middle Eastern Desert dust.

Bomba’s comical personality shines through in this record and the mateship of these musicians, who have played together with Nicky in all of his performing bands (Bomba, Melbourne Ska Orchestra), is very tight. As Nicky describes,"The whole process was seamless and fun. We have known each other for quite a while, and we can travel on incredible tangents on the whiff of a musical seed. We have experienced a lot together so there was days of subject matter and reference ideas to spur us along. I have a great deal of love and respect for our sweet team, and it was a pleasure to see us all fly and have fun. There were no rules as to where we could travel so the ideas flowed like a delectable chocolate fountain!"