BONNIEDOON - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2022 - in Katoomba!


Bonniedoon are an Australian indie folk rock band with a heavy blues influence. The band formed in Sydney’s Blue Mountains in 2011. Bonniedoon satisfy their audience with the powerhouse vocals of Bonnie Coady, the soulfully solid rhythms of guitarist Sheridan Hurst, the electrifying lead guitar lines of Hamish Rynehart, the boot thumping bass notes of Michael George and the tastefully delivered rocking drumbeats of Colin “Metronome Man” McIntosh.

The band has released two studio EP's and is currently working on their first studio album.

The band has received much attention and acclaim after taking first place in a string of talent filled band competitions and as a result have formed a strong audience base that follow their many rocking shows.

Bonniedoon recently played the National Folk Festival in Canberra, where they were extremely well received and congratulated on their entertaining, engaging and ‘give it all’ style of performance.